Team ALA Volleyball Claim 3rd Place in Goliath Cup

Since we blasted Team ALA’s male Volleyball Team for a loss in late January they went on what Future Hendrix would call Beast Mode and lost no more regular season games beating schools like Bophelo, Dominican and Krugersdorp Boys High School in their march to the Final 4.The girls on the other hand suffered a series of defeats and ended up in 7th position out of 14. The largely first year team will no doubt look forward to next season as they look to return with experience under their belt.

The male team ended the regular season in third position behind the only two schools they lost to, DSP and Heronbridge.

They took on Heronbridge in the semi finals last week Wednesday.

The game was an extremely tight one and Heronbridge triumphed by under 3 points in the first set and then went on to win the second set 28-26. Team ALA then went on to play against Dominican Convent High School who they defeated over three sets.

In the finals, Heronbridge defeated DSP 2 sets to 1 in an exciting finale.

Thulani Madondo: Setting the less privileged up for success

In this week of the Distinguished Guest Speaker series, the African Leadership Academy welcomed Mr. Thulani Madondo, a young South-African born and bred man in the local community of Kliptown. His story is powerful, invigorating and inspirational as he grew up amidst struggles, not being able to achieve tertiary education, but rather than using that as a weakness, he saw it as an opportunity to be an agent of positive change in his environment, and the Kliptown Youth Project came to life. Since then, he has gvien a  number of motivational talks, worked with other social businesses and has been internationally honoured, specifically as one of the CNN Heroes in 2012. Mr.Madondo, on Wednesday the 10th of February shared his story and his lessons learnt with the members of his Academy and to say the Academy was inspired would be an understatement.

Here are some of the lessons we took away from his talk:

Man made poverty can be stopped by man. If we have the power to create something, we also have the power to destroy it and we can work together towards creating a poverty-free world.

The problem with Africa is not resources, we have enough resources, the issue is human greed. Human greed is what is eating up all our advantages. Human greed is inevitable but if we can work on how to discipline ourselves, perhaps things would be fairer.

We Africans need to work extremely hard now so in the next decade or so we would be asking other countries how we can help them. Let our vision of the future inspire our present.

Not all of us are going to be academics, some of us are called to simply be economically active citizens. Let us not use our current situations as excuses, we can still be agents of positive change. Our background shapes who we are but not who we become

Servant leadership is extremely important. As a leader you dont always have to be in front because you’ll miss whats happening behind you.

Most importantly, when you climb the wall of success, dont remove the ladder behind you.

The Best of North Africa; a definitely incredible Cultural Exchange

On Friday, the 5th of February 2016, the North Africans ended the Parents Weekend in a blast with their Cultural Exchange. The Cultural Exchange took place from 7:30-8:30 in the school auditorium and was short, simple, but definitely exciting. The decoration was definitely eye catching as the candlelights caught the attention of people as we mingled around waiting for the doors to open. The audience was welcomed warmly into the show with a beautiful and tasty delicacy of Moroccan Samosa, Egyptian mousakaa, and Tunisian grilled salad. It was a night of food, dressing, language, music and dance of the North African countries of Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, and Tunisia. The theme of the cultural exchange revolved around similarities between North African countries and interesting elements of each North African country.

The cultural exchange started of with a video of three families: The Moroccan family, Egyptian family, and Tunisian/ Algerian Family. After a while, the video ended and the actual families were seen on stage. The story unraveled with Aisha (Salma), the daughter of Tunisian-Algerian parents, unable to speak English catching the attention of many men in the community, specifically, Othmane’s (Yassine). The play then switches to a section of the TV titled “North Africa’s Got Talent”, where we saw beautiful dancing and singing performances from various North African countries. Judging from the audience’s reactions, it is safe to say that their favourite performance was Rahaf’s spoken word “Many Shades of Anger” by Rafeef Ziadah. Hind, also known as “Flower Power” made us crack up in laughter as she performed Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” in the rustiest voice possible. The lovely judges, CYCA representatives, who are in charge of the cultural exchanges at the Academy made Flower Power’s performances even funnier by stopping her just a few seconds into her performance.

The cultural exchange then beautiful transitioned back into the play with funny scenes of Aisha and Othmane flirting with each other. At the end of the day, Othmane’s family visits Aisha’s family, asking for her hand in marriage, which she agrees, with her parents continually reminding her that he went to Yale and would bring in a lot of money.

The cultural exchange ended with the wedding of Aisha and Othmane, where we saw the beautiful display of dresses worn in different North African countries like the Jebba, Blouza and Fouta from Tunisia, and the Kaftans and Tunics from Morocco.

The Egyptians wrapped it up beautifully with a traditional dance and what else could the audience give to the North Africans besides a standing ovation?


Reabetswe Molapo giving her Guest Speaker Speech at the African Leadership Academy

Reabetswe Molapo: Pioneering the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Limpopo-Polokwane-born, Reabetswe Molapo is a youngster who believes in the principle of paying it forward and has plans of making a visible difference in the South African youth.

As a young girl she was still unsure which career she wanted to follow. She is a young woman that does not believe really knew exactly what she wanted to be, but she knew that she wanted to be someone great – and that she wanted to help others.

In January 2016, Reabetswe visited the ALA Academy to give a brief presentation during the Distinguished Guest Speaker Series. In her talk she gave us a really deep insight into her story and shared some of what she considers as major keys to success:

  • Everyone is a business entity, we are meant to run at a profit not a loss. We are all created in the same manner as a business; we should thrive to develop ourselves and contribute to the development of others.
  • We usually only listen to other people about who we are and we forget to take the time to discover ourselves. Do not make that mistake.
  • Be stubborn, stubborn for your dreams.
  • It is important for you not to look down on yourself because of your age as it is simply a number. We need young people to transform the world.
  • We are all born a seed, but were not born to be a tree, but a forest. Grow, develop, share your ideas with the world and create impact on your surroundings.
  • We should be grooming a group of young people on a quest to radically change the world.
  • Do not just take risks, take calculated risks.

Has the tide turned for ALA Volleyball?

In our report on Team ALA’s Volleyball teams last week, we asked when the tide shall change for Team ALA’s Volleyball teams.

It is safe to say, that might have happened already as in last week’s fixture in the Goliath Cup, both Team ALA’s teams came out victorious.

On the female side, ALA took on St Mary’s A and B teams and dominated in both games winning both games 2 sets to nil.

In the male game, ALA took on Bophelo and also came out top following a convincing 2 set win.

In other news, one of Team ALA’s best male middle hitters, Otito Darl-Uzu is back and ready to spike!

ALA Female Soccer Team demolished by Rand Girls.

On Wednesday 3rd February, Team ALA took on Rand Girls High School in their first fixture of the year.

In the first half of the game, ALA defended strong in the twenty five minute half and it looked like we had a strong defence that could stand the test of time.

In the opening 10 minutes of the second half however, a loss of focus cost ALA the game. In less than 6 minutes, Team ALA conceded three goals and struggled to attack effectively. Once the floodgates opened, there was no stopping it. The team made also made silly mistakes their opponents did not capitalize on.

With every team, time is necessary and while we shall not jump to conclusions about our female soccer team, we can guarantee you that, Wednesday’s performance was one we desire to leave in the past.

Rand Girls 3-0 ALA.

Once again: Do Something Cool a.k.a DSC

For the past two years, both students and staff take two days off their work to engage in a fusion of creativity, inspiration, guts and skill. These two days are commonly known as Do Something Cool, which is an initiative created by the Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) Department. When you take ALA people and ask them to dedicate their right side of the brain for two days, something epic is bound to happen.

This year, DSC was separated into three distinct parts; individual project, creative group work and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

I interviewed Mario, A Year 1 student from Cape Verde, to see how he found DSC. “I liked the fact the flexibility of DSC, to do whatever you want, wherever you want,” Mario responded to my first question. “The best part of day two where the breath-taking performances that kept us on the edge of the seats all the time, ready to stand and applause once a performance is over,” Mario continued. indeed, the auditorium was lit like a blaze ranging from Belkiss’ video, to Estella and Amadou’s dance, just to mention a few.

Right now everyone awaits the announcement of the winners of each of the three categories. So to sign off I will proudly say, “The Academy Did Something Cool”.

ALA Alumnus, Ademide Adepetun, features in Vogue Italia.

ALA alums across the world stay doing some of the coolest things you get to hear about and this past week it was ALA Class of 2013’s Ademide Adepetun who made his way to Vogue Italia.

The fab creative in which Ademide features, titled ‘Lost In Color‘ is shot on a serene Nigerian beach.

Check it out below.

Source: Bella Naija