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Hey guys! It’s the weekend and almost midterm! Woop Woop!. And guess what? There’s more excitement ! Today we are launching ALAians TV with the first episode of “That ALAians Look!”

Find out what it’s about by clicking play!

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SDG: Sexuality and Music

ALA has tons of clubs, from the Science club to the Drama club to the Improv club (which by the way is amazing!) and the SDG club. A few of you are wondering what that last club was? Well for those of you who don’t know , SDG stands for the Sexuality Discussion Group and it’s an awesome club where sexuality is discussed (as the name suggests).

Discussions range from sexuality in various countries to stereotypes about sexuality and  much more! These past 2 weeks, the topic on the table has been Sexuality and Music! According to members, the discussions have been insightful, interesting and fun, and one of the club’s favorite.

Music is a relatively big part of our lives and it’s interesting to see what people on campus think about sexuality and music. Here are what a few of our campus members had to say when asked,

“What is your first thought when you think of the link between sexuality and music?”:

“I feel that some songs are too sexual and sometimes women are depicted as sex objects which I’m not a fan of and I hate that”- Won Sun

“Some kinds of music create stereotypes regarding sexuality. Some raps give off ideas of homophobia”- Soala

“Sometimes you can’t always tell an artiste’s sexuality right away through their music, for example Sam Smith and Frank Ocean”- Osadee 

“Same love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis! I mean it has turned into an anthem for marriage equality”- Ms Suzanne

Those are just a few of the thoughts on campus regarding sexuality and music, want to share yours? Comment below or better yet, attend this week’s SDG session.

Where? In the Staffulty Lounge, behind Mr Gyampo’s house. When? Dinnertime on Thursday.

Grab your dinner from the dining hall, head over to the student kitchen and join the conversation.


More on Procrastination

Hey Guys! It’s Wellness Wednesday once again and today we’re going to look deeper into the topic we touched on last week–Procrastination.

This can be such a big problem for people, because honestly sometimes it can be so comforting pushing off a major assignment till “later.” The problem with this is, it always comes back to bite you when the time you set aside for that thing is suddenly occupied by something else. You see, it really is best to do things as early as you can.

So, how do you beat the procrastination devil when it’s breathing down your neck that there’s a new series to watch or foosball to play?

  1. Just do it… NOW. – Stop planning how you’re going to do it and just jump right in. Sometimes, it has to be a now or never thing.
  2. Kill the distractions–Yes that means Facebook and the rest. Kill them with fire.
  3. Be Prepared– Have the knowledge you need to do the task, so you don’t get discouraged because you’re totally clueless about what you have to do.
  4. Rest Strategically – Sometimes you just need a quick break to get yourself buzzed enough to work. So a power nap to prepare you to work is allowed.
  5. Set a  Deadline – If there were no deadlines, procrastinating would not even be an issue, but since we do have deadlines for things we have to do, setting personal deadlines can push you to work. Tip: Set your deadlines as early as possible before the actual deadline.
  6. Chop it up – If the task you have to do looks big and scary, break it down into small tasks. This way, you get to check things off your list more often, which can be very motivating
  7. Think about the pros and cons – What will happen if you do your work on time as opposed to submitting late? Ask yourself questions like this
  8. Have a reward ready – Pizza or a long nap, we all have things we love. Reward your hard-working, non procrastinating self with a treat at the end of the task.

Happy concrastinating not procrastinating!


The College Essay Struggles

It is that time of the year when almost all second years are cradling their laptops, editing and over editing their college essays. It is really difficult going through this time because you’re never really sure what’s going to happen. What if colleges don’t like your essay? What if your essay sends the wrong message?

Don’t go through it alone. Talk to anyone who you trust and that will listen.It’s way better than panicking all by yourself. Whether you are applying ED, RD or doing something else, the second years all share this worry about the future. We shall go through it as a community and come out smiling. Have a good support system with your friends. Give each other feedback on your applications. And most of all remember that everything will be fine in the end.

Seconds years, don’t stress, unite with friends! First years please support your second years as they are going through nerve-wracking times. Buy them sweets! Make their beds if you can! Just show them love!


Tomorrow is SAT-urday

It’s the best of times it’s the worst of times. It’s a Saturday spent glued to a chair doing a test that seems to be able to determine your future no matter what anyone says. Tomorrow, second years will be writing the SAT’s

In case somehow, you’ve been lucky enough to avoid this topic, SAT stands for scholastic aptitude test and is a standardized test that many US colleges use to make decisions about applications. Also, they feature in every highschooler’s nightmares at least once.

But it’s not that bad, honestly. It’s just a test. Yes it could make or break you getting into a college of your choice, but the best way to face it is with poise and tranquility. This is advice to both overanxious firsties and the second years. Chill. Obviously you must study for them and do your best, but don’t kill yourselves.

Second years, errythang will be fine. If you want to go to college, you will and you will make the best of it wherever you go! So smile and be calm tonight,  and enjoy yourselves tomorrow afternoon no matter what happens!

Goodluck to everyone taking the SAT’s tomorrow! 


The Adventures of HKM

Hey Guys!

ALAians Media is piloting a new web comic. We hope it at least makes you say L-O-L with a straight face :D

Just click on the comic strip below :D




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