When Campus Becomes a Mini Food Court.

All around the ALA campus, all I hear is ka-chings. In every nook and cranny nowadays, something edible is being sold. From pizza slices, to omelets to cheesecakes to coffee, our longing for the mall has been slightly dampened.There is suddenly an array of mouth watering food only a few steps away from our rooms. And how has this glorious turn of events come to be? Thanks to the EL department and their trading licenses, that’s how! Previously, selling things on campus was not allowed, but at the start of third term, the EL department began to issue trading licenses, which gave students permission to trade anything (food and otherwise) on campus.

Many would agree that this was a good idea. For one thing, students are getting to practice some to the business and entrepreneurial skills they have picked up while at ALA. They are getting to make some extra money either for themselves, or to raise money for a cause (both admirable aims.) The other thing is ALA students are happy. A student was heard remarking that they can now buy food from a different place on campus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Talk about variety.

The only worrying part of all this is the rate at which pockets are being emptied. Usually all have no choice but to wait for mall trips and other rare outings to go crazy with shopping (eat…a lot) . Now, the shops have come to us and the muscles of our will power tremble in defeat. The key here is to do our best to regulate and only go crazy in tiny doses.If not, our wallets are going to slim down while we find that weight elsewhere.

Good Luck.


ALA’s Slangs of the Academic Year 2013/2014

It’s most definitely not the end of 2014, but for schools following the British curriculum, the end of the academic year is approaching soon. Each year has its new things whether they are new faces, rules, songs or trends.

This year has had its fair share of new songs and dances. The year has seen the release of Beyoncé’s secret album Beyoncé, the dancing of the Nae Nae and a huge load of slangs.

Speaking of slangs, join ALAians Media in counting down the most popular or used slangs of ALA’s academic year, 2013/2014:

The 84th Academy Awards_2012-01-24_and_the_nominees_are

5. BOO
Despite originally being a sound made to scare people or to show disapproval while watching a soccer match, the word “boo” found its way into meaning “significant other.” However, let it not be mistaken that such a word is meant for couple use only, the single people can’t miss out on the fun. Most texts, whether between couples or amongst friends end “Love you boo” or if ghetto enough “Luhh ya boo”


Have you ever had someone randomly (yet sometimes playfully) interrupt a conversation between you and a friend? Not to worry, to chase them off all you need to say is “FAMZ!” It is as effective as the best insect repellent. It means to make an acquaintance (familiarise) with someone by acting like the famzee knows the famzer already. With the mention of this one word, ALA students are able to keep their interrupters at bay while still creating a friendly atmosphere.


It is so amazing how words which already have meanings take on new ones that aren’t even related to their original meaning. Ratchet is yet another example of such a word. The word has shed its old skin of being referred to as a device and taken on its new definition of someone being extremely ghetto. So, whilst in ALA beware of clapping to accentuate the syllables of your rather loud words, if not you might be called “ratchet!”


Both categories, whether single or taken, have their up and down sides. Depending on who you ask (*whispers* the single ones mostly), one of the peeves of the coupled up ones is how sentimental (A.K.A. cheesy or moist) they can be. What better way to let them know how mushy they are than joking around and calling them “moist.”


This year everyone is about that “Turn Up” life. “Turning up,” meaning letting loose and having fun, has taken ALA by storm. Every party is an opportunity to “turn up!” and even our dear Mr. Peter could be caught using the phrase here and there. By the way, if you ever meet someone who is trying to challenge the status quo and urging others to “turn down,” do as DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon would do, just shout “Turn Down For What?

turn upWhat slangs have been trending for you this academic year?

Finally, to leave you on an ever positive note, from ALAians Media to you, “TURN UP!!!!”


What are we afraid of?

Some things are generally scary for most people: Cockroaches, strange figures at night, Econ MCQs. Even now, some of you shuddered at the bare mention of those things (if you didn’t you sort of want to now don’t you? Just for fun?)

It’s okay. Fears are natural and most people have something they are afraid of. Sometimes though, these things are sort of silly and not usually classified under “ahhh scary!” These are called phobias; extreme or irrational fears.We asked around the ALA campus if people had any phobias and these were the responses:

I am afraid of pins. I don’t know why but they freak me out, even when I just see people holding them  –Victor

My mom used to say cooked onions were worms. Now I hate them, and I spoon them out whenever I eat–Innocent Jabulani

I am afraid of snakes. Not just the animals; Anything that looks like a snake. As long as it looks like one, I can’t come close. Surprisingly, I like Spaghetti–Loic

I’m afraid my friends are plotting to kill me–Zacky

My own inadequacy–Bonga Gumede

I fear nothing because I am a boss!!!–Anonymous

Toppers running out of stock in Duka Bora–Soala

Mascots. Costume character people things. They’re creepy. Disneyland is a scary, scary place–Thoko and Imaobong

Having a disproportional body –Anonymous

Stepping on wet grass. or grass at night. I feel like I am stepping on green mambas–Anonymous

Do I have any?–Franklyn

Well, do you have any? Let ALAians Media know what freaks you out the most! And please, don’t use anybody’s fears to taunt them (as tempting as that may be)



International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO)

May 17th every year marks a very important day- International Day Against Homophobia. This day is quite significant this year to the international community given the passed legislatures in Uganda and Nigeria. It is an important day to reflect about the injustices done to the minority i.e. LGBTI community.

ALA has started early on the mission of curbing homophobia and the Sexuality Discussion Group (SDG) started a campaign called LoveIsLove campaign, where people share how they overcame homophobia.

Some of the stories that have been shared are:

“I always found it easy to be in a social space and come with my significant counterpart and be boldly introduce them as my girlfriends/boyfriend and not be afraid to face any judgement or hatred, but the day a close friend of mine told me that they were gay I realised that I was fortunate because they would have to think twice before introducing the partner. That’s how I overcame homophobia”

“I overcame homophobia when someone really close to me came out and told me they were gay. The fear and prejudice I had towards LGBTI people was something I wouldn’t be able to inflict on this person”

An event should not always have to occur for one to overcome homophobia. It starts with simple things. Avoiding comments like “#ThatsSoGay” could help you to overcome homophobia, giving gay people the respect they deserve as human beings is a good start.

Homosexuality is not a condition, it’s an identity-just like being Black, Arabic, Asian, American, Hausa, Yoruba, Berber, Zulu, Male and Female.

Celebrate IDAHO daily through small acts of kindness.

A+ Grade on Homework

Five tips for productivity during exams

With the CIEs flow already on the move and with first years preparing for their internal exams, it is important for people to have a few tips on productivity and keeping themselves focused on the tasks ahead.

  1. Eat well

SONY DSCThink of your body as a car. Cars don’t work without petrol. Neither does your body. To be productive you need to eat your three daily meals with fruits and vegetable. To perform well, Sodexo has to be your friend!

  1. Study with light music

Student studying  by Don Hamerman For Rutgers Photo Services

Studying with soft music like jazz or soul helps concentrate better and for longer. Rather than listening to fast-paced pop music which easily distracts the mind, you should listen to soft music. There are different forms of music for different activities, but if you want your studying to be effective, listening to slow and soft music would help you a lot.

  1. Take breaks

As much as it is important for people to study hard, it is also important for them to play hard. During this exam period it is advisable for you to leave your books and go for a quad walk or a jog. It would help you release your brain cells for a few minutes and would help you concentrate better when you return to studying.

  1. Sleep well


Sleeping also gives the brain its downtime with little processing work to do. After studying for a very long period, it is really important to sleep, hard. Our bodies react to stress in different ways which could affect our performance negatively. And you definitely don’t want to wake up late because you studied too long at night.

  1. Find a chill spot for yourself


One thing you really need during the exam period is a place where you can be away from any sort of disturbance to simply chill or study!


Good luck guys x


A Song EL May Like

It’s safe to say I have a new favorite song. It’s just so happy sounding but then the lyrics are deep and emotional. You could listen to it in any mood. This song is called “Hero” by a band called Family of the Year. It came out in 2012 but I, with my tendency to live under a rock, am just hearing it. And in the past day, I have ‘heard’ it multiple times. And in a move that would make ALA proud, I began to reflect on the lyrics. And guess what came out of it? An EL Lesson.

The Chorus goes:
Let me go
I don’t wanna be your hero
I don’t wanna be a big man
Just wanna fight with everyone else
Your masquerade
I don’t wanna be a part of your parade
Everyone deserves a chance to
Walk with everyone else

This man is basically saying he just wants to work with everyone else and not be the ‘hero.’ He doesn’t want recognition, because everyone deserves to get equal recognition. Apart from thinking this guy was just really awesome, i realized he reminded me of Level 5 Leadership, something we learnt about in entrepreneurial leadership class. Level 5 leadership is a blend of personal humility and intense professional will (wanting the whole business to succeed). I think this song really sends that message, at least after 40 listens. Maybe after I play it a 100 times, I’ll see how it’s the cure for the common cold.

What songs do you like with not so obvious messages?

Here’s the link for the song


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