Happy Belated Valentines?

We had the pleasure of asking a few people on campus what they thought about Valentines day – here’s what they had to say.
And yes, we know its a day late, but we had Valentines plans of our own ;)

What do you guys think? Feel free to answer any of the questions asked in the comments section below! Or let us know how you spent your Valentines day!
Enjoy and Happy Belated Valentines day to you all!

Smile this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day last year was fit for a movie for me. To cut a long story short, the first year anniversary of the longest relationship I’ve ever been in is on February 15th. Whatever you can deduce from that, feel free.

Last year was great, and in some ways, it makes Valentines Day 2015 pretty tough. You see, “bae” is an 8-hour flight away. So, there’ll be no re-enacting last year, with the quad walks and the making fun of all the other new couples (#ShadeClub.) It’s pretty easy for me to be depressed this whole weekend. But I won’t be, mostly because bae says I shouldn’t be, but also because, as Tamasha was happy tell us, there are different kinds of love to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

We all have at least one friend; someone who cares about us. Probably more than one. I know some of them will be a bit too occupied tomorrow, but I highly doubt ALL of them will be. So, yes I won’t be spending my Valentine’s Day the way I would have wanted to . Maybe lots of you had bigger dreams too, and didn’t imagine a night eating pizza and watching movies, as you have now planned to do. All I can say is, maybe you shouldn’t spend the whole night locked up. The Valentines ball is still a party with good food at the end of the day. So make the most of the lack of heart-shaped candy that life is giving you. You may have fun, and you could even set yourself up for future happiness outside V-day, if you know what I’m saying. lol.

My plan is to have fun with my friends in one of the last big events before I graduate. I hope you all enjoy your day too, regardless!

My Valentine’s Day Don’ts

Valentine’s Day is almost here .The time to see who’s going out with who, who has been eyeing who and who is getting dumped. But there are certain things you should avoid doing this year. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day different. To do that,  avoid doing things listed below:

1. Please DON’T WEAR RED
There is a common saying that “love is blind”. Question is why is RED of all colours in the whole spectrum of light the colour of love? If love is blind, why do we force it to be symbolized by the colour red? Red is a BEAUTIFUL colour but it is just not for everyone. If you know your skin tone will be battling with the colour of your clothes, then I suggest you try something lighter. Like white. Some of you over do this red colour on Valentine’s Day- red skirt, red shirt and red socks (burn them! You should NEVER own a pair of them). If you want to this year’s Valentine’s Day to be memorable, try make your outfit memorable.

2. DON’T ASK SOMEBODY OUT AT 11:59 pm on the 13th
Do you know how desperate that is? Asking somebody to be your date at the 11th hour? It is so RUDE! It reflects badly on you. It makes you seem like 1) you have ZERO game 2) you are a poor planner (nobody wants to go out with such a person) 3) you are rude as hell. I don’t care if your eyes opened to love only at 11.56pm.I beg of you not stoop that low for a conversation at the dinner table and a kiss (if you are lucky enough…also not at ALA).

3. If you didn’t get them flowers, chocolates, cards or any “Valentine’s like gift” before, don’t bother doing it now. If you want to keep the bae, dare to be different. The art of buying gifts is one that can only be mastered with delicate practice and time. Once you get it right the first time, you will secure yourself a bae. Everybody can get anybody a typical Valentine’s gift, get your special someone something different. Get a t-shirt written ‘Forever Mine’ or a bracelet with both your names on it and a cute message engraved on it. Make the gift seem like you put enough thought before you bought it. Everybody likes that. Don’t make the gift seem like an afterthought.

You had a thousand chances to save your face from being zoned. Why choose Valentines Day to escape? Are you Romeo or Juliet? Ideally, this would the perfect time to proclaim your affection for somebody but honey, lets get real, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!It’s also extremely cliché. Try another time, maybe Heroes Day, Farmers Day or Freedom Day but not Valentines Day. Why would you want to do that to yourself? It makes you look thirsty. Unfortunately, nobody likes thirsty people. You will seem less romantic and more like an opportunist! Don’t do it. Oh my Gahd.

I hope this list will be helpful to the optimistic romantic people out there!

Dear “X”

Do I need to work so hard for you to notice me?
Remember how you used to call me in the middle of the night to tell me that you missed me but I was just a block away from you? Or when you would send me texts in the morning and afternoon just to tell me that I am on your mind? Wait, remember the day you said you loved me? What happened to all that? Did it go away with the New Year, out with the old and in with the new and I happened to be old news now.

I am saddened by the fact that I look at you every day and wonder what happened to us. We used to talk. I would pour my heart and your ears were always there to listen to me. You were always there for me. I am sitting in my room and all I think about is how you were supposed to be my date. You know what I am doing? I am looking through the list of people who are up for Valentine’s Day date auction. I am hoping that I can be the highest bidder and spend the evening with you. I know it wont be like old times. The only difference will be that I am going to be in fancy clothes and talking to the person I really care about like I am just some stranger.

I just want to reconnect with you. That is all I am asking for. I shy away each time I see you looking at me in the dinning hall. I change my path each time I see you coming my way. It never used to be like this. We both have turned in to strangers. My heart breaks into pieces when I see you talking to “that person.” You seem to comfortable around this person, you laugh at their jokes like you are being paid to laugh at their jokes. You look deeply into their eyes like you are searching deep into their soul and that is how you used to be with me. In a space of a week you only utter one word and that is “hi”. Our sixteen hour long conversations have turned into one word greetings. On Valentines Day, I am going to wear that chain you got me for Christmas, I hope it will remind you of us.

Your Broken Hearted Lover

Katy Perry, the New Queen of the Super Bowl Half-time Show?

The Super Bowl might not be the first big sporting event we think of here in ALA compared to AFCON, the World Cup and Premier/ Champion Leagues, but hey, if there’s one thing the Super Bowl has that the rest don’t, it’s the Half-time Show! This year’s Super Bowl was held on the 1st of February 2015 along with its half-time show. The Super Bowl’s Half-time Show features a few big stars that hold miniature, amazing concert-like performances midway through the game.

We’ve seen the likes of Bruno Mars, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Queen Bey, and this year it was none other than The Katy Kat herself, Katy Perry!
Her performance was so amazing that we can only wonder, is she the best we’ve seen yet?

*confession time* I was a Katy kat before I got initiated into the Beygency. I’m still a Katy kat though.

So how was Katy’s performance? AMAZING
From riding in on a huge cybernetic looking lion, singing Roar and dressed in a flame inspired piece, to performing Dark Horse with many dancers and the loads of visuals on the floor and screens!

katy perry lionkaty dark horse

Think it stopped there? Well it didn’t as she welcomed Lenny Kravitz who sang Katy’s first hit I Kissed a Girl! It was an awesome blast to the past and now I can’t get enough of the colourful pop star’s first hit! Ever feel like having a Katy throwback? You can never go wrong with I Kissed a Girl.

katy lenny kravitzkaty-perry-lenny-kravitz

Soon after, with a quick (like, really quick) change of outfits, Katy performed Teenage Dream (the best Katy Perry song ever!) and California Gurls, before changing again and welcoming Missy Elliott on the stage!

katy california gurlskaty teenage dream
Missy performed Get Ur Freak On, Work It and Lose Control with Perry and it was great!

katy missy elliottkaty missy

Finally, Katy closed the show with Fireworks while flying on a shooting star in yet another outfit! Thought no one could do that? Well Katy did, and it was awesome!

katy fireworkskaty fireworks 2

With not a single boring moment in sight, great visual tech, huge (shooting star, dancing sharks, cybernetic lion) props, great stage presence and an amazing choice of songs, Katy Perry definitely hit the bar and went beyond despite the names before her!

Check out her performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAtKlixxnTg

And tell us, what did you think of Katy’s Super Bowl performance? Any songs you wished she performed? (I wish she did This is How We Do) Were her surprise guests more of a surprise than Beyoncé alongside with Kelly and Michelle? Has Katy crowned herself the queen of the Super Bowl Halftime Show? And who would you like to see perform at the next Super Bowl?

Dear Admissions Officer, Can I Revoke My Admission?

Remember the day you received that call from the Admission office and you were told you got admitted to ALA? You started fantasizing about all the things you were going to do when you get here. The friends you were going to make, amazing opportunities, getting into the university of your dreams and getting A’s all the way. But that dream dies a little as you walk down the corridors of ALA. Realities are faced.

Tears are shed, hearts are broken and destinies are often reshaped. Don’t get me wrong, this is still the best place to be. The first couple of days you make friends with people from different parts of Africa. Every post you make on your social networks is about how ‘amazing’ the diversity in this school is. It truly is amazing. Probably one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life. But a time comes when the illusion to an end you face reality.

You realize it impossible to get A’s. Teachers will tell you “I don’t see you in your writing” (Whatever that means). You get a score of 700 on your SAT writing but you end up with a C on your transcript for a writing class.  The same people get external opportunities over and over while you stay stuck in your room. You are expected to obey rules because “there is a higher purpose” which is never explained.

Friends. You make lots of them. Some who become in your circle by the virtue of being from your home country or you ended up on the same bus from the airport with you. Some last until the end of Orientation Week, some until the end of first term and some stick. They stick through all the failures and obstacles you go through. Through all the Disciplinary Committee hearings you will go through, through the college rejections and through sickness and unnecessary pressure brought on by being a “future African leader.”

Admissions Officer, is too late for me to withdraw and go back to my normal life? Can I go back to being a normal teenager? Being crazy about Beyonce like every normal girl, turn a blind eye on the corruption that might be occurring in my country, spend time tweeting and going through Instagram? Can I not have a “normal” conversations anymore? Not one about Africa? No? Well…fine.


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