It’s break time!

The heavens break out in song. The term has come to end. It has been a fun, stressful, emotional three months, but as of today, it’s all over.

To end the term, the academy held it’s second annual Do Something Cool (DSC) event. Two days were spent coming up and working with amazing, creative ideas and projects and this year, students and staffulty pushed themselves even further. We had staffulty rappers, and student singers, and toilets made practically from scratch (don’t ask.) It was a fun event that gave students the chance to explore new skills and interests and just take a break after all the essay writing and problem solving.

check out the facebook page here!

DSC was fun, and a good way to wind into non-academic mode (at least a little) Now, we close for the December break, hopefully to return fresh ready for 2015. Be sure to rest, guys. Yes there are college deadlines and whatnot, but take at least a week to just chill!

ALAians Media wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year.

Wellness Wednesday: Appropriate Behaviour Workshop

Well hello there, it’s that time of year again…*drumroll*…it’s the annual Workshop Weekend. This year, the workshop is focused on appropriate behavior (duh) and it promises to be a fun one!

On Monday we all watched a funny skit from the Improv. Acting club during assembly, promoting the workshop coming at the end of the week. The skit was not only funny but also enlightening, as Dikenna (#S/O) shared a thought provoking speech on  freedom of dressing.

The workshop is most definitely not short of a variety of activities. From a movie to tons of interesting discussions, the workshop promises to be a bucket load of fun!

So get ready for this Friday! Get your engines ready and get involved in the #ABWorkshop! (successful hash-tagging or nah?)

Have a great rest of the week and see you at the Appropriate Behaviour Workshop

Owning your room

ALA is going to be your home for anything from the next seven months to the next two years. You are going to spend countless hours in your room watching movies, having sleepovers, playing Call of Duty etc etc, so why not spice up your room?

We went on a little mission uncovering some of the impressive rooms in a few of the dormitories and were pretty blown away by the effort some have put into making their rooms ‘theirs’ . The good thing about decorating your own room is that you do not need to wait for the next mall trip to buy some crazy expensive wallpapers. Just ask for some supplies from the art room or get some cool manilla from Spar and embark on your DIY journey.
Whether colour coded, like one of the lovely rooms showcased below, or theme based, own it. Stick inspirational quotes on the wall and door, birthday cards, role models, pictures of your friends and families, anything. Just make sure that each time you walk into that room you’re mighty proud :’D

jjj romm


Fishing: A First year’s view

At  ALA, words have the tendency to forsake their original meanings. “Fishing” is one fo those words.Back in the days of our anscestors, fishing meant catching fish for food or as a sport. Today, fishing is the search for bae (the one, the significant other, the boo).  At ALA, fishing is now the act of flirting or making advances towards someone. Out of it, attrocious lines such as “do you know what material my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.” or “if you were a tropical fruit you’d be a Fine-apple” arise.

Being a first year you’re considered to be fresh meat and so you’re immediately exposed to the thirst upon your arrival. People hoping to be startin’ somethin’ swarm towards you like bees to a blossoming flower. You’re stalked months before you even set foot on campus so that by the time you actually arrive, all that is left is for you to be introduced to traditions such as “quad walking” or “Sunday afternoon pizza.”

It is because we are exposed to this thirst that we receive nicknames like “thirsty firsties” regardless of the fact that we are the victims and not the predators. For those you that have not been privileged (or unlucky!)  enough  to experience this fishing first hand, do not despair because in ALA as the seasons change so does the general taste in “fish.” It is never really a question of if it will happen but when it will happen. According to my observations, some fishing seasons have passed and some are coming:

September: peak fishing time.

October: Formation of those early relationships

With November comes the “SAT celebration fishing” and the “exam support fishing.”

Still to come is my favorite type of fishing; the “December fishing.” This is the “let’s begin the New Year together” and the “no strings attached” fishing  that honestly only exists due to too much holiday excitement. Brace yourself guys; it’s coming.

Btw, for those of you in relationships, you’re not safe either. Do not forget that sometimes fish slip off the hook and someone else catches them.

Happy fishing.







Let’s live in the moment baby!

As young people, we spend a lot of time worrying about the future. We think about our dreams and what it will take to get there; the jobs we wish we could get, the college we hope to get in and all that stuff. But, then it’s Monday morning, you have an economics test, you tried hard to study for it but after all your efforts, you are almost certain you failed it. You then begin to ask yourself questions about your dreams. You wonder if they are really valid. Will you really make it in this life? Will you really become the awesome person you want to be? Will you get the grades required by the college that would supposedly mold you into that person?

The funny things is that, the only reason we worry and think we are failing is because we ignore the value in living in the present and focus too much on the future. We tend to forget that no one can predict the future precisely and there is no need to worry about what will happen next. We must all learn to live in the now.

Imagine if you do get into college and find out it’s not that great. The people, location and classes aren’t all they were cracked up to be, and then you begin to miss ALA and wish you had enjoyed your time here to the max. It would suck. Hopefully, we will all love our lives after ALA, but let’s try to avoid regrets about our life at ALA. Don’t lock yourself in your room worrying about the things you can’t do, the opportunities you’ve missed, or the mistakes you’ve made. Spend that time doing the cool things only possible at ALA. Think of Explore Jo’burg, sign up for it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize how cool the people around you are. Do it now. Spend your dinner creating memories with people. Don’t snooze off on every Friday B; come out to play sometimes. If you want to have fun, do so now.

You and I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. What if the world ends? What if graduation catches us unaware (yes it is in the calendar, but just go with it :P) ? Forget your fears, and lets live in the moment baby!

The Halloween Party: A Recap

Hey people! We hope everyone’s weekend is going fine, even with the SATs having popped up once again.

About a week ago (exactly a week ago, but one must never not use that line), Tamasha threw an excellent Halloween party, and in case you missed it, or want to relive the moment, here is a quick recap of how it all went:

The memorable night of the 1st of November began with groups of students, in their costumes, being led into a spooky room where they watched a nerve-wracking clip from a horror movie. As if this was not enough to put everyone in the mood for Halloween, right after the clip, students were scared by a cast of ghosts and monsters who had been hiding in the room. There were more than a few screams.

Next, everyone moved into the next room to watch two dance groups at ALA perform.  The first to display their well choreographed moves was Vogue. Their performance started with slow and meticulous movements before  erupting into an explosive spectacle of spontaneous movements. After Vogue’s dazzling performance, the masked sinister men of the dance group Legion took over the stage. These masked men displayed an amazing exhibition of dance that left the audience oscillating between emotional awe-filled screams and stunned silence.

With the strobe lights flashing, both groups gave truly amazing performances.

After, students were led to their final destination–the dance floor. The Halloween party! This is where the students showed off their perfect dancing skills (or attempted to) to celebrate this dark and mysterious holiday ( and generally let off steam.) After hours of moving and shaking to the great playlist put together by Tamasha, the party came to an end. Students left in a tired, happy daze, knowing fully well that their legs would probably be hurting in the morning. Overall, the Halloween event, as one first year put it, “was a night to remember.”



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