Happy Birthday Mr. Adler!!

mr adlerHappy Birthday!!Thank you for being a great advisory father as well as offering useful financial advice to all second years. Advisory lunch is never the same without you
From your advisory family: Ms Kofo,Roua,Rebecca,Jean Pierre,Shanice,Zacky,Zviko and Nkanyiso‎.

Wellness Wednesday: Time Management and Procrastination

Hey folks, it the middle of the week and you know what that means- Wellness Wednesday’s here again! This Wednesday is dedicated to the twins that are Time Management and Procrastination. Heard of them? They don’t really get along. When Time Management is good, Procrastination gets upset and hides, but comes out to play when Time Management decides to misbehave.

So, what is Time Management?images (1)

Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work. As a member of ALA, this means carving out time for both work and play. That’s right…in ALA it’s good to balance things out, have time to study for that Econ test but also have time to watch the new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Why pay attention to Time Management?

Here’s a nifty trick to get people to do something, show the downsides of not doing something and that should get more people on board to do stuff (you’re welcome…this will come in handy in E.L)

Not managing your time well has many downsides. Some of which are: missing out on glorious sleep to catch up with work (or leisure), being disorganized (it’s not a pretty sight) and a lower quality of work produced (no one wants to get a “D” on a Maths test because they didn’t set aside enough time to study).

On the brighter side of things, there are many perks to managing time wisely: lower stress levels, adequate sleeping hours, having time for leisure, good quality of work (and play) and lower stress levels (yes…it’s repeated for emphasis).

How can you manage your time wisely?

After looking at the benefits of good time management and the consequences of  bad time management, you should all want to manage their time wisely (we hope.) So, here are some ways to effectively manage time:

1. Have some sort of timetable to plan how you spend your time out of school hours each week. Prioritize work and play based on importance, deadlines and the time it will take to do them effectively.

2. Use times already allocated to work (classes, prep) effectively so that those assignments and tests don’t come haunting you during a Tamasha party or open mic event.

On to the next one,


What is procrastination?

Besides being something you really don’t want to do whilst in ALA (and most other places), procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. Remember you going to study for that biology test in the next five minutes that turned into the next ten, then an hour, then a day and–oh look there’s a test paper in front of you! That was you procrastination at work.


Why shouldn’t you procrastinate?

Let’s try drawing up mental chain, shall we? Procrastinating leads to piling up things, which leads to stress, which leads to low quality work (and play), which leads to mediocre results (which we don’t want none of) and finally to disappointment (and no one like being disappointed, especially by themselves.)

How can you avoid procrastination?

1. Remember the part that talks about “how can you manage your time wisely?”? This is a good time to scroll back up and read it again.

2. Visualize the advantages of doing something right now rather than later. It’s much better to  be struggling to stay up to watch a movie than to do your homework, so do that work. Don’t procrastinate!

Good Luck with your Time Management, and with avoiding procrastination! Know any other ways to manage time wisely and to not procrastinate? Share, Share!

Have a great Wellness Wednesday!


Happy Birthday Hafssa!


Thanks for being a great well of wisdom and making me feel like the firsty at times, as well filling the room with cheer always.You’re a bundle of energy on campus and a true inspiration for your strength in handling challenges. I love you.

From Chebet


Unsung Hero(es) for September- CLASS OF 2013

Yesterday we celebrated our unsung heroes on the ALA campus. Gratitude is really important, so while not everyone could be called up during assembly, ALAians media would like to appreciate our second years!

It isn’t easy coming back after a long holiday of missing people to have to face 100 new people. Despite this, the second years have all done their best to make the firsties feel right at home on campus. During the first mall trip, the Second years  cut into their shopping time to help the the first years get used to the maze that Clearwater mall can be. The first years were also able to start enjoying ALA parties quickly because the second years were there to show them that crazy is sometimes okay.

In general, the second years are showing themselves to have grown up a lot. They have done their all to integrate the two year groups and treat the firsties like younger siblings (even when they are the younger ones!) and for this they deserve a job well done.

And to the first years, thank you for being an awesome addition to the campus!


Here’s what’s been up!

Hey there! It’s been a busy month on campus, and here are some pictures. Feast thine eyes.


Ms. Mandisa & Ms. Shoki
Ms. Mandisa & Ms. Shoki
Scheming and Posing ALAians
A few schemers



Year 1 v/s Year 2 Soccer Match

Year 1 v/s Year 2 Soccer Match

Bruno and Firsties
Bruno and Firsties
The Mauritians
The Mauritians
Peace Day Celebration in Colors
Peace Day Celebration in Colors
Peace Day Celebration : Ella's Performance
Peace Day Celebration : Ella’s Performance

Team Bonding Exercise
Team Bonding Exercise


Year 1 Boot Camp : Marshmallow Challenge
Year 1 Boot Camp : Marshmallow Challenge


Team Building Experiential
Team Building Experiential
ALAians (Second Years)
ALAians (Second Years)

The Natural Hair Issue

For a while now, the natural hair trend has been growing, with more and more women choosing to chop off their relaxed hair so it can grow back in its curly form. With this trend has come a lot of indirect (and sometimes full frontal) shade-throwing in the direction of women with relaxed hair. People say that going back to your natural hair is accepting yourself the way you are, and that relaxing your hair means you’re a black women trying to be white. I personally think that this line of thought it extremely dangerous.

So, quick recap. People in most (but not all) African countries grow really curly hair on their heads. Sometimes, women “relax” their hair with chemicals which make it permanently straight. The hair before it is relaxed, in its curly, hard to handle glory is usually called natural.

Now, my hair was relaxed when I was three because I cried when my mother combed it. Neither my mother nor I had any interest in me being/looking like anything I wasn’t. We just wanted easier hair to comb. “But God gave us the hair. We have the strength to comb it.” Yes we do! But deciding not to does not automatically strip you of racial pride. I’m older now and I decided to go natural. This did not come from feeling more African, or realizing that black is just as beautiful (which it is.) I want something new. Finito.

The other thing is, I do know that sadly there are African women who do things trying to change their appearance because they do not feel they are beautiful the way they are. Despite this, I don’t think every single person who gets their hair straightened is trying to switch races. Hair is just hair and you can do whatever you want to it. Some days it looks cool in an Afro and other days you might want it straight and sometimes you might dye is orange. It doesn’t have to be political or mean you are taking any sort of stand

This is one person’s opinion. How do you feel about it? Join the conversation in the comments section!


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